Recommendation for ROMMEL IN THE DESERT

There are a great many hex-and-counter wargames on the North African Campaign in WW II; it's a favorite topic of game designers.  I've played the majority of them since I first got into wargaming in 1974.  Each type of game has its virtues and disadvantages.  ROMMEL IN THE DESERT is no exception.  That said, it has my highest recommendation out of all the games I've played for the following reasons:

-- The Psychology of Command.  This is the strongest reason of them all; this game more than any others does such an exemplary job of casting the players into the roles of army commanders in this contest.  Given the nature of armored warfare in this particular theater where open desert provides for sweeping maneuver, the ability to pull off deceptions, bluffs, and not lose one's nerve when all seems lost is best captured in this title.  

-- Proper scale presentation.  Players are not lost in the details; they quite properly stay at the level of command the game provides for.  Honestly, many other games do this well too, but here we think in terms of major operations (the Turn-Option) as the main effort each and every turn.  All else is secondary to this and forces players to decide what the most important thing to do is at the cost of all else.

-- Plethora of scenarios.  Not only are these essential to learning the subtleties of the game system, but they are thrilling and balanced contests in their own right.

-- Accessibility.  The game system is easy to learn and get into quickly.