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An M1A1 Abrams. In Wargame, it is a heavy tank.

A tank is a tracked, armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility and tactical offensive and defensive capabilities. In Wargame, tanks are considered to be the premier ground unit type on the battlefield.

The tank's defining characteristic is a large caliber gun mounted in a swiveling turret which serves as its primary armament. Secondary armaments come in the form of machine guns/auto-cannons mounted either coaxially with the main gun or on a swivel mount located on the top of the main turret. Some tanks have enhanced fire support capabilities in the form of Anti-Tank Guided Missiles which can reach targets outside the range of the main gun.

While tanks are very capable of taking on all land-based vehicles, they have very limited anti-helicopter capabilities and no anti-plane capabilities. Sending an unsupported tank platoon against an enemy with competent air to ground resources is inadvisable.



  • Light tanks: Light frontal armor with a relatively small main gun used primarily as rapid response units to support airlifted forces. Cost for units is low as is their survivability. The vehicle is commonly augmented with Anti-Tank Guided Missiles to compensate for low relative firepower.
  • Medium tanks: Moderate frontal armor with a large caliber main gun. This vehicle balances survivability with cost to deploy.
  • Heavy tanks: Heavy frontal armor and may have larger caliber gun then medium tanks. This vehicle possesses high survivability at an expensive cost to field.